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Family Law Issues


While family law issues are often contentious, sometimes the parties agree on issues involving divorce, child custody, paternity and child support. When parties are amicable, the issues involved are often non-complex and can often be handled by a Legal Document Preparer.

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Criminal Law


The justice system can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate on your own. For many basic Arizona criminal law issues, though, a Legal Document Preparer can help. Contact me for assistance with civil rights restoration, applications to set aside a conviction, applications to reduce certain felonies to a misdemeanor, obtaining criminal records and understanding the implications of a criminal background check.

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Legal Copywriting


From 2012 to 2017, I worked for a large legal copywriting firm that provided website content, marketing copy and legal blogs for firms across the country. I am familiar with SEO writing practices and can make your legal writing stand out from the crowd, providing fresh content that is not simply copied and pasted from elsewhere. I am also experienced in careful word choice and phrasing so as not to offer legal advice. If you're an attorney or law firm, contact me today for any of your legal copywriting needs!

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